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Custom Content Packages - High-end & Budget Packages

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by GuysNightOnline, Jul 29, 2008.

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    So you've heard the phrase "Content is King", huh? We all know it's true. It's what separates those who acquire wealth online from those who can hardly pay their server bill. Updating daily is the most important thing you can do to earn more money online.

    That's where I come in. I've been toiling away writing web copy and doing SEO for web development companies for years, as well as creating a highly successful network of sites and blogs on my own. I know how difficult it is to run one man operations, being in charge of building sites, marketing them, building traffic, and still have the time and skills to write killer copy. That's why I'm offering my writing services... So you can focus on everything else.

    I offer 2 types of articles:
    Custom Articles: These are 100% custom articles written by me or my (future) team. They will be high-end, premium articles that are keyword rich AND help sell/promote/entertain your visitors. Article length will average around 500 words, but could be longer or shorter depending on the topic. I will write until I feel the topic is exhausted.
    Rewritten Articles: These are our budget articles and are significantly less expensive than custom articles. Depending on the niche we find Free Articles and rewrite them. This option is for our budget clients who want to update daily, but can't afford custom articles daily.

    Here's packages and pricing:

    Budget - $150/month
    Daily posting on your blog. 25% of the articles will be custom. 75% will be rewrites.
    Add-ons - Images with your posts: $25/month

    50/50 - $200/month

    Daily posting on your blog. 50% of the articles will be custom. 50% will be rewrites.
    Add-ons - Images with your posts: $25/month

    Daily Dose - $300/month
    Two posts daily on your blog. 1 of the articles will be custom. 1 will be a rewrite.
    Add-ons - Images with your posts: $30/month

    Daily Double - $450/month
    Two posts daily on your blog. Both posts will be custom.
    Add-ons - Images with your posts: $40/month

    ALL posts include the option to have a snippet of code (IE. a group of links, an Iframe, an advertisement, etc.) at the beginning or end of each post. It must be the same CODE for every post (but if that code automatically rotates things, that's fine).

    I will usually update your blog well in advance and get the daily posts scheduled well ahead of time.

    IF you need time concious posts, this is available also. I can post daily writing about newsworthy events of the day.

    I have tons of samples, so feel free to contact me for some. A couple examples of my blogs, which I did all the writing for:


    I'll do one post samples for the first 5 people interested.


    kyrobbin4iu (aim)
    kyrobbin (yahoo)
    236-406-909 (icq)
    GuysNightOnline, Jul 29, 2008 IP