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Discussion in 'Payments' started by pau, May 10, 2006.

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    Just out of curiosity, is there anybody here who has had adsense for two or three years and still hasn't reached the $100 per month?
    pau, May 10, 2006 IP
  2. ThirdChair

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    I'll be the first to be honest, ME! I started April 26, 2004. From April 27, 2004 up until April 10, 2006 I never paid any attention to my AdSense account. In that nearly 2 years I earned $189. I didn't have AdSense on all my sites and the ones that I had it on were not optimized.

    I did get my account nearly 2 years ago, but I consider April 10, 2006 to be the first day that really matters. That's the day that I found this forum and started to play with ALL of my sites and figure out what works for AdSense.

    Now, in exactly one month since finding these forums, I have earned over $75.

    I should be able to hit that $100 per month no problem next month and the month after that...
    ThirdChair, May 10, 2006 IP