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CSS styling for multiple websites

Discussion in 'CSS' started by Sadgfh, Nov 20, 2012.

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    I am looking for someone proficient with CSS3 and stylesheet cross-browser compatibility to work on a number of websites. Basically our system generates all HTML (so no markup or any programming will be required) and needs element sizing / positioning / styling using CSS3. Everything should work on IE 8+, Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

    Generally a CSS file would have between 15 to 20k in size. Instructions and/or examples will be provided as to what colors to use, how to position and size elements and so on.
    You'd be working over skype and show daily progress. Pay is good but experience is required and you have to be serious and always stick to deadlines.

    Would like to see some samples of CSS3-intensive front-ends that you worked on (please don't send links to open source wordpress templates).

    Thank you!
    Sadgfh, Nov 20, 2012 IP
  2. abusschaert

    abusschaert Active Member

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    Sorry man but your in the wrong section try the buy/sell forum for design next time, if you don't have anyone by now give me a PM
    abusschaert, Dec 6, 2012 IP