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css help

Discussion in 'CSS' started by wood1e, Jun 25, 2005.

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    Hi I am trying to design a webpage with CSS but I am getting stuck on a couple of things. Can anyone help?

    Now I have positioned the content in the middle, but the way i have done it....Will it be 293px from the left, whatever browser? If so with a small screen will this not be in the midlle? If so how I do I make it so it is in the middle what ever browser people are using?

    Also I have a blue line at the bottom and I want it white, but when I change the table div to white, that stayed blue?

    Plus some page will be deeper than others, now I can only seem to get the depth is I change the position of the ISO graphic. Move it further down. No problem but obviously some pages with have less text on, and I don;t want to have to keep change individual .CCS files. As from what I can see this would defeat the reason for using .CSS and it's ability to change and add universally. SO how would I go about solving this problem?

    Plus I have some new scroll on there, and I want to be able to move it down slightly, but when I use top or top-padding it doesn't seem to move?
    URL http://www.dbattenuation.co.uk/test/CSS/dba.htm

    I realise I have asked a lot, I am getting there, but some final help would be great :)
    wood1e, Jun 25, 2005 IP
  2. tandac

    tandac Active Member

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    Personally speaking the site looks terrible in Firefox. :(

    A quick glance through your style sheet shows a lot of absolutely positioned junk. I would suggest something less complex. Remember that simple is better:

    one div tag for the main banner
    one div tag for the nav bar
    "Welcome to dbAttenuation" should be an H1 tag with text and not a graphic
    one div tag for the "transformers" text section
    one div tag for the right nav bar
    one div tag for the footer

    Lastly, one div tag around the whole thing so you can center it.

    Ditch the images and go with plain text. There's nothing wrong with plain text.

    You can also use one css file for the whole site. If you want to see an example, my site actually does a lot of what you're trying to accomplish:
    tandac, Jul 3, 2005 IP