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Creating Sub-Domain Questions

Discussion in 'HTML & Website Design' started by plrinfo4u, Nov 3, 2018.

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    5 Objectives:
    1) I want to create about 15 ...1 page free report landing pages with a optin form on page.
    2) There are 5 people on my team I would like to give to each of my 5 team members 3 different landing pages with 3 totally different free report topics
    3) I have a specific website domain that I can use to place these landing pages on but not sure how to use this one domain to be able to create 3 landing pages for each of my 5 team members
    4) Each team member will be using 3 different free report landing page offers to generate leads with online
    5) Each of the team members landing pages they will have to connect the optin form on landing page to their mailchimp autoresponder account and insert the code from mailchimp

    1) Lets say my domain name is ...www freereport dot com technically what would be the best way to create 3 different landing pages x 5 = 15. Each of the 5 team members will get different landings pages each

    2) I hear you can create hidden pages on any website domain and only show it to people you want to show it too can this be done to create 3 team member specific landing pages and assign 3 specific landing to each team member

    3) I was thinking that I could create 15 different subdomains is this a better solution or bad solution and how what must i do to achieve this

    4) can i create hidden pages on subdomains just like a regular domain and what kind of problems can subdomains cause to the main domain
    plrinfo4u, Nov 3, 2018 IP
  2. sarahk

    sarahk iTamer Staff

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    It all depends on the software you're using.

    WordPress has multiuser
    I have a domain that has 20+ subdomains all working off the one codeset and database - all the subdomains are setup to call the same script which then works out what subdomain was requested and serves up the appropriate content.
    I'm sure Joomla and Drupal etc all have their own systems.
    sarahk, Nov 3, 2018 IP
  3. plrinfo4u

    plrinfo4u Active Member

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    What do you recommend :

    1) should i just a root domain to create 15 landing pages with hidden pages

    2) should i create 15 separate subdomain to create 15 landing pages

    3) the 5 team members will create a mailchimp account and connect their 3 landing pages with mailchimp to capture their email deliver the free report with email follow up sequence series

    plrinfo4u, Nov 4, 2018 IP