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creating paypal account with fake name using privacy.com?

Discussion in 'PayPal' started by glasshalffull, Jan 5, 2019.

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    I want to make payments online but keep my identity secure but the only method of payment 1 company uses to accept payments is paypal.
    Can i create a fake paypal account and connect a privacy.com card to it for funding?

    This paypal account will only be used to make payments online, i will not be accepting money with it.

    Does paypal verify an address when you create an account?

    If so, is there a way to come up with address that can be accepted that is not my own?

    thanks for any guidance
    glasshalffull, Jan 5, 2019 IP
  2. JoeSpirit

    JoeSpirit Active Member

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    Paypal is shutting down accounts frequently of late. I recently had an email that mentioned two well-respected online marketers who were suddenly shut down with no explanation as to why. And when Paypal shuts an account down all the funds in that account are frozen.

    Fake accounts are against TOS. Paypal will find out eventually and shut any such accounts down. You might get away with it for a while as my memory says that they do verify bank accounts if you initiate that verification.

    I personally wouldn't take a chance on using a fake ID due to the risk of losing funds and damaging my reputation.
    JoeSpirit, Jan 6, 2019 IP