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Creating Birthday Wisher, Step 2/2?

Discussion in 'Facebook API' started by Leftic, Jun 30, 2014.

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    Hey, im curios to know if anyone might know C++, C#, Java, or VB.NET coding that can help with this issue.

    In part 1, I got the program up and running, a nice little GUI and all, the code is all there and works, it opens up, asks you to log into facebook manually, or it will automatically connect you if your logged into that computer, it then asks if you want to sync it to your phone, so you can use it on your phone and any other PC you use, and it doesnt need to be installed again

    After that, it will access that users Facebook Birthdays webpage, where, as a user, you can literally see all your friends birthdays for that month. But the coder cant.

    In part 2, I now need to run a logical if statement that basically says "if a birthday is on the 22nd for example, then get the name of that person, and write "happy birthday" to *whatever the url for that persons facebook is*/wall" -- basically, how do I find out whos birthday is on a day and if there even is a birthday on a day? I have a strong feeling a few for/while loops and ifs/switch-case statements will be needed... Im very fluent with Java, C++, and VB.NET, and can understand C# very well as well, so if your solution is in any of those languages, that would be a great help to me. Thank you in advance.
    Also, unrelated:
    Im building this because I couldnt find a program that already does this -- I plan to expand this program into a whole little Facebook function, that does more then auto birthday wishes. I dont know if its just me, but I personally dont like notifications and to see on the side of my facebook "its bobs birthday today! wish him a happy birthday!" obviously I dont have to, but im bobs friend, so I might as well be a good one and do it... But its literally every other day someone has a birthday, and I swear bob has like 3 in the same month...

    Anyway, thats why I wanted to build this. I might add other functions later to it, so it auto ignores game invites and stuff, or notifies you when your offline, kind of like your phone does, but for your computer, where you actually see the message without having it opened, and stuff like that. But one problem at a time.
    Leftic, Jun 30, 2014 IP