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Creating an advaced segment

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by McTracy, Aug 25, 2016.

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    I've created simple advanced segments, but hoping someone can help me create a more advanced one. We ran a contest in hopes of increasing site traffic. I'd like to look at new users that came in on the contests landing page and see how/if they visited after the contest was over. Can someone please help me create this segment or user group? Thanks!
    McTracy, Aug 25, 2016 IP
  2. jms.n.tran

    jms.n.tran Peon

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    Hi McTracy,

    I'm not the best at creating segments but I've gone through what your request and I think the segment gets to what you're looking for. When you're in the "New Segment" screen and go to Behavior > Days Since Last Session and set that equal to zero, that should be all new visitors because anything greater than that would indicate a return visitor, correct? Next, go to Conditions under Advanced and select "Landing Page" in the drop down and include the query string of your contest landing page. With these two conditions applied, you should get new visitors who entered through contest landing page. All of your data should reflect this group. With respect to your date range, you could modify "Date of First Visit" to understand repeat visit behavior or simply modify the date range within your report.

    Hope this helps

    - James
    jms.n.tran, Aug 30, 2016 IP