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Creating a fresh Wordpress Blog from Scratch ( Beginners’ Guide)

Discussion in 'Websites' started by rosn007, Dec 3, 2010.

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    I am sure that most of the guys in here already know whatever this subject is all about. But let me remind you, this is meant for beginners only. Actually, I have a friend who tends to keep himself busy in content creation but I was kind of shocked when I came to know that he didn’t knew how easy it is to come up with his own wordpress blog. So, if you don’t know either, please take a while to go through this post. Hope this helps!

    1. First off, book a domain. You will find many registrars out there that will be more than willing to help you with this purpose.

    2. Domain alone cannot make a wordpress blog. It requires a hosting to stand on. Luckily, you will always get a hosting package in accordance to your budget (expect even free hosting in Christmas or New Year eve :cool: ) . However, make sure to get a reliable one even though you have to pay a few bucks extra because believe me or not, unreliable hosting with bad customer support and worst downtime will turn out to be a terrible pain in ass sooner or later. Also, please make sure to choose the hosting package that features softaculous or fantastic. Why? I will let you know later.
    3. Now once you have got yourself a domain and a hosting package, it is your time to host your domain. Simply follow this steps and you are done:

    a. Login to your domain registrar account.
    b. Explore the options available for your particular domain by clicking over it.
    c. You will find something like “Nameservers” somewhere in domain manager. No specific location can be confirmed for it as its location differs from one registrar to another. However, a bit of common sense will help you with this. This is where you will have to place the Nameservers. Wondering where to get Nameservers from? I have mentioned it right below:
    • When you buy a hosting package, they will provide you all necessary details including Nameservers. They are like ns1.blahblahhosting.com, ns2.blahblahhosting.com in general.
    d. Once you are done with nameserver task, you will have to wait for a while. It will take some time for the nameserver to propagate so all you need is a bit of patience at this phase. However, you can say goodbye to domain part now. It’s now time to have some fun with hosting stuff.
    e. Login to your hosting account. First off, you will have to find “addon domain” option. Don't worry it's not liking digging a treasure. They will place it at the most notable area so you will have no trouble finding it. It is very handy to use Addon Option . All you need to is to add the domain by typing its URL structure.
    f. After you are done with add on, you will have install Wordpress (the final step, Cheers!).
    g. Now go to the fantastico or softaculous option. There you will find a number of options in a row but you will have to select the wordpress option. After that, it is all that easy. Just a few easy-to-follow procedures and you are done.
    h. Mind you again, if your hosting doesn’t feature fantastico or softaculous, you will then have to switch to FTP (which is extremely time consuming and comparatively weirdo). So make sure to choose your hosting package wisely.
    i. Lastly, you will come up with a blog on your own. Wow. sounds nice lolz. Okay..enough! Tired now. Lemme get my bones some rest. Good luck newbiessss! :p
    rosn007, Dec 3, 2010 IP
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  2. amit_article

    amit_article Active Member

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    Hey bro,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. It is the one which I was actually looking for. You helped me again as always...:)
    I'm starting to create my own WP blog right away..I'll show you the blog once I'm done with it. Again thanks a lot bro...:)

    Cheers !!

    amit_article, Dec 3, 2010 IP
  3. technoverma

    technoverma Peon

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    why did you post it in this section?
    technoverma, Dec 3, 2010 IP
  4. emmasorsa

    emmasorsa Peon

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    Sounds very good tips. I will keep few things in mind where i have been mistaken for a long.
    Thanks Rosn007!
    I just added a rep for you.
    emmasorsa, Dec 8, 2010 IP