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Creating a Directory Announcement and Soliciting Submissions

Discussion in 'Solicitations & Announcements' started by CReed, Nov 14, 2009.

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    When announcing a new directory and soliciting submissions from the general membership and resident spammers, it's helpful to keep a few tips in mind that will be of benefit to you and those submitting to your directory.

    >> Make sure your directory is up and running and ready to accept submissions. Verify the form's functionality before soliciting submissions; nothing turns away submitters quicker than a submission form that does not work properly for whatever reason.

    >> It's nice to note beforehand if registration is a requirement. There are those who would rather not waste their time registering in order to make a submission. Requiring registration is your choice, but please be courteous to include this information in your announcement.

    >> Please be sure to note the types of submissions offered and any conditions or restrictions. If your free listings are nofollowed or require a reciprocated link then say so. If you only accept paid submissions, say so.

    Free = free. Not restrictions imposed, such as a reciprocated link.
    Reciprocal = reciprocal link required as a condition of listing.
    Paid = payment required.
    Exhibit just a little professionalism and extend others a little courtesy here. Trying to be sneaky and not mentioning that you only accept paid or reciprocated submissions just to get more traffic is sure to aggravate many.

    >> PageRank. Really. This one just gets me. I'm not sure why you think you have to convince everyone just how big your little green toolbar is and whether or not you used any of those late night TV mail order pixel enlargement products.

    I'm sure everyone here has the Google FoolBar installed and can see for themselves if you have any pixels or not. So why do you have to tell them when they can see for themselves? Those with pixel envy will find you, believe me.

    >> Once you posted your announcement, there is no need for useless bumps just to mention that all of the submissions have been approved or to reply to someone who bumped your thread with "submitted one" or "nice site" type comments. I have no qualms with reporting [​IMG] these types of crappy posts and expressing my sentiments privately [​IMG].

    >> Don't register another account or ask your friends to register and make their one and only post just to bump your thread. It looks ridiculous, and it's very transparent.

    Instead, place a link to your announcement in your signature and go out and make worthwhile and helpful posts that will raise the curiosity of others. Your profile and signature will benefit significantly. Avoid the useless "me too" or "thanks for the list" type posts that lead to others ignoring you when you do have something worthwhile to say.

    If we have closed your thread use the report button to ask for it to be reopened. Do not create a duplicate thread.

    If you have a special deal going on paid links that announcement belongs in your original thread and does not warrant a second thread.
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    CReed, Nov 14, 2009 IP
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  2. sawz

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    i'm adding to CReed's original announcement:

    BST Rules apply here. You must have been a member for 14 days, not have an overall red reputation and have 25 total posts to post in Solicitations & Announcements.

    violation of this rule will result in an infraction and the thread will be deleted.

    thanks for your cooperation.
    sawz, Dec 28, 2009 IP
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