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Creating A Complicated Audience

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by Gideon Epstein, Feb 4, 2018.

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    Hi Digital Pointers! I've got a question I'm hoping someone will be able to help with.

    Looking to create an audience of:
    • People who have visited my site one or more times in the past 30 days
    • During their visit (or visits) they need to have gone to a certain page more than 5 times in total
    Example: Bob comes to www.news.com.au 50 times in the past 30 days and goes to "Lives of Celebrities" page 16 times in total over those visits. He would qualify as part of the audience. Jane visits the site 5 times in the past 30 days and visits the "Lives of Celebrities" each time she visits. She does not qualify as part of the audience.
    I'm aiming for Bob. Please help me to create this audience
    Gideon Epstein, Feb 4, 2018 IP