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Create WOW effect for new business

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by shopovec, Mar 10, 2018.

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    Any ideas welcome
    Any proposals welcome

    We have startup www.remodelzz.com and we want promote only logo and name for now. All another information - secret)
    Its our marketing goal for now
    After our website will be ready - we change our marketing strategy

    How better promote name and logo?
    shopovec, Mar 10, 2018 IP
  2. jrbiz

    jrbiz Acclaimed Member

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    So, your plan is to put out your name and logo without anything else? Very risky to do.

    The only time I recall a serious manufacturer doing something like that was back in the 1980's when Infiniti was a brand new, and unknown car brand being launched by a Japanese car manufacturer. They put on a number of television, newspaper, and magazine ads with nothing but pictures of clouds, and words about "it's coming" and that sort of thing but without any information about what it was that was coming. They got clobbered by critics and consumers who found they ads to be stupid at best and frustrating at worst. Things did not go well for them until they stopped that nonsense and started a more informative campaign.

    I suggest that you consider this approach carefully and think about the negative effects it can have on your brand if your audience feels the same way.
    jrbiz, Mar 12, 2018 IP
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  3. FiveStarFiverr

    FiveStarFiverr Greenhorn

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    I agree with jrbiz, this is very risky, especially online. Nobody cares about your logo and name if they cannot find out more about you and get what they are searching for today.

    If you only put out your name and your logo, you may become known as the brand nobody can use because you don't give people a way to contact you. 99% of online marketing is about lead generation in one form or another. I suggest at least having a landing page created to collect name and email address for your actual launch.
    FiveStarFiverr, Mar 12, 2018 IP
  4. Jacob Hawkins

    Jacob Hawkins Greenhorn

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    Before you dive into exact strategy, you must examine your present impact all through the journey. Consider how you can radically boost the impact you make at each stage. When you dive into the ways to development, start with where your gaps are primary, and then optimize the areas you are already manufacture efforts in.
    Jacob Hawkins, May 21, 2018 IP
  5. mindmedia

    mindmedia Well-Known Member

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    It's a classic mistake.
    "There exists no brand before the business does."
    A brand is a mixture of 'tangible PLUS intangible' properties of a business.
    Unless you start interacting with your prospects commercially, how can there be a brand?
    However, yes, presence can be created in the form of a pre-launch hype.
    So, even if you don't start commercial interactions, you can at least have a website that promotes the mission and the vision of your company. (Not an "Under Construction" page though)
    Having said this, I would suggest you read the following article for top 10 tips on how best to promote your brand. (Hope you like it)
    mindmedia, May 26, 2018 IP
  6. Navea

    Navea Greenhorn

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    What kind of question is that? What is the reason why you want to do that?

    People in the internet are looking for entertainment, inspiration and solutions to their problems. You're not providing any value with what you are doing.
    Navea, May 27, 2018 IP
  7. Pamela Turns

    Pamela Turns Active Member

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    I really doubt if it will work as what you have planned. It's a risky thing to do. You mean to promote a business/company name and logo without any content, information or details?
    Pamela Turns, May 28, 2018 IP