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Selling Create a IOS App Store for Affiliate from Itune, Google Adsense, CPA

Discussion in 'Services' started by vpro36, Dec 27, 2013.



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    You want build a iphone app store, ipad app store like itune store. but, You don't know how to build it, or you cannot find it in any where.
    We will help you build a website like itune app store.
    Your website will work automatic, don't require maintance. You can make money from it.


    We will install everything for you.

    Demo: Topiosapp.com

    About website:
    It's include 50000+ ios app: iphone app, ipad app.
    This website is full Automatic, All app fetched from itune store via api, It is automatic add new app to website. You will no need manager it.
    Website is full optimize with SEO, You can submit website to google, run SEO for increase page rank.
    You can easy change affiliate information of website to your affiliate. you can do it in Affiliate Control Panel.

    More Features

    How to make money with theme:

    Make Money from Itune Affiliate Program:
    ITune Affiliate Program provides a way to link to millions of songs, apps, and more, earning you commissions on sales.
    Our website is special design for affiliate from Itune. First, After you have a our website, you can easy signup affiliate from itune, they will review and approve for you. Our website is automatic, It working with no require maintenance, you can choose the way how to your website add contents from itune.

    By this way, you can make a thousands dollar from itune affiliate program with automatic.

    Earn 0.7$ - 15$ Per Leads from CPA Application
    CPA is best program for make money. Today, There are have many affiliate program allow you register and promote. With our website, you can easy register their program. It will generate leads for your contents. you just promote your website and earn money.

    As you know, Google Adsense is the best advertising program for make money online. With the high value keywords and website have huge traffic. You can make a big money from It.

    Other Advertising Program:
    With our website, you can make money from other advertising program.
    Our website designed specifically for advertising. You can add any contents of any advertising program to your website. You can add, edit, delete banner very easy.

    Our website support all device: desktop, smartphone, iPad, tablet, … you can set banner for each device you want.

    Buy It Now
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    vpro36, Dec 27, 2013 IP
  2. vpro36

    vpro36 Banned

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    About License of this script:
    I wrote this scripts. You don't worry about it.
    vpro36, Dec 31, 2013 IP
  3. Fakher

    Fakher Well-Known Member

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    you demo is not working???
    Fakher, Jan 13, 2014 IP
  4. hiteshischerry

    hiteshischerry Active Member

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    is this still available?

    hiteshischerry, Oct 21, 2015 IP