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Selling CRAZY $6 SALE! Get 1K Words of Original Content in 36 Hours - GUARANTEED!

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by WordTradeSolutions, Nov 6, 2016.



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    DP Members & Guests,


    Here's our deal:

    - $6 for 1,000++ words of original content ...
    - That's $0.006 per word!

    What You Get

    • Of course your readers will be glad you hired us - We have strict editorial requirements;
    • Of course we don't plagiarize - We're writers, not lazy crooks. Just to be sure, we use Copyscape Premium;
    • Of course we don't write fluff - We're pros. We have awesome editors and Q/A guys. We run our business seriously. We want long term customers; and
    • Of course we can optimize our work for Google - Our Q/A guys have experience in content SEO ...

    What We Can Do

    • Articles, news stories, features, blog posts, product reviews, guides, tutorials, descriptions and ah hell - Just let us know what you want. We'll tell you if we can do it; and
    • Science and technology, home and lifestyle, business and finance, Internet marketing, health and fitness, beauty and fashion, etc. - Just ask. We'll let you know if we have experience in your industries and niches ...

    Our Samples

    Our Prices

    Minimum Standard Order: 3K words at $18. Deposit is $10. Delivery guarantee is 36 hours from mutually agreed start date. Balance is due 24 to 48 hours upon delivery of completed order. Reasonable delivery of work output revisions if any, based on original requirements.

    Minimum Bulk Order: 30K words at $169. You save $11. Deposit is $100. Delivery guarantee is 8 days from mutually agreed start date. Balance is due 24 to 48 hours upon delivery of completed order. Reasonable delivery of work output revisions if any, based on original requirements.

    Order Now!

    STEP 1: Click HERE to fill out our order form ...

    STEP 2: We'll send an email to you in the next 1 to 6 business hours to confirm the date that we can start working on your order. This depends on our current workload ...

    STEP 3: Once we mutually agree on delivery timeline, we'll ask you to send the deposit via PayPal. You can also send payments via WorldRemit or in bitcoins ...

    STEP 4: We'll start working on your order after we receive your PayPal or WorldRemit or bitcoin deposit. We'll send updates along the way. When we deliver your complete order, we expect you to pay the balance in the next 24 to 48 hours. That's it! :)

    What Our Clients Say

    Daniel Tan of SEOPressor.Com says:
    Here's my review of Grayscale's service: I am with Marx's employees for over 2 weeks now ...
    I am VERY HAPPY with their performance, attitude and commitment to work ...
    Marx's employees are able to produce the work that I expected ...
    If there is anything beyond their control, they will send me an email to notify me ...
    All works are produced according to my format with prompt reporting ...
    They are 100% trainable. I have been training them to write Press Releases and they are doing really good now ...
    I can say, very professional, fast and beyond my expectation ...
    One of them had a medical leave, informed via email. After that, she worked on weekends to replace the work during her medical leave ...
    I did not ask for this, but she did this AUTOMATIC ...
    Now, this shows how committed they are, their attitude and the success of Marx in leading his company ...
    This is something you cannot train, if you agree ...
    I think Marx has a very good culture in his company, something that everyone of us need ...
    I hope this review gives you an insight into Marx's service and help you land on great VAs you can rely on, trust and work with for years ...
    If you need clarification, contact me, more than happy to tell success story ...
    Will Marx increase the price if he has a surge in business? I don't think so Because in business, staying "BEST" is MANDATORY ...
    Marx, Good job!

    M Thompson of TheLifestyleMarketer.Co says:
    I've been using Marx's company since last monday, I have got to say the experience has exceeded my expectations ...
    I am not new to outsourcing, at one time i had 13 part timers working for me writing, promoting etc ...
    I've never had someone as dedicated and with such a wide skills base. Highly recommended!

    Gonzotrucker of GonzoTrucker.Com says:
    I would like to thank Marx and his team of writers for a job well done ...
    I just received my first 7 articles, and they were very well written and researched ...
    I will continue to order from Marx and his team ...
    If you want to check out their work, then read the most recent articles on my website ...
    Marx gave me exactly what I wanted, and on time.

    Marc643 of London, UK says:
    I have been searching for someone who can write me quality articles in my niche that are authorative well researched and well structured ...
    I was surprised by the quality of the work and now had lots of articles and all have been of the same high standard, and quick delivery ...
    As you know i'm now no longer looking for a content service ...
    Marx has replied to my emails all the time very quickly and is a great person to work with ...
    I can't praise this service enough ...
    Bottom line, if you need good content, then look no further ...
    This is quality well researched articles all written to an equal high standard of anyone in an english speaking country. Thanks Marx.

    Stevie C of WageDonkey.Com says:
    I've started using one of Marx's writers this month, and I am very impressed with the results ...
    Well structured, grammatically correct articles that have met the criteria I have asked for ...
    Marx has kept me informed every step of the way and seems to be running a very tight ship ...
    An excellent service and I would recommend it.

    Rod Cortez of CA, USA says:
    Marx, The first week has been really good ...
    Everything has been smooth sailing so far ...
    I am very happy with the content and communication I'm getting.
    Bryan Bean of FL, USA says:
    Just wanted to give Marx a big thumbs up for his service!
    I have hired one writer, and she is doing great. It was a great time saver to have Marx do the filtering to find the best person for my needs ... She and Marx have been very responsive and great to work with. I am currently in the process of hiring my second writer as I write this!! Thanks again Marx.

    Vibrant Warrior of London, UK says:
    I just wanted to add that Marx is one of the most courteous people I have ever come across ...
    The communication is great and prompt ...
    I am sure I am in good hands ...
    Shall be hiring more people from next month.

    How to Reach Us

    SKYPE: marxvergelmelencio
    TEXAS DIRECT LINE: +1.956.720.0737
    MANILA DIRECT LINE: +63917.886.7294

    Last edited: Dec 19, 2016
    WordTradeSolutions, Nov 6, 2016 IP
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    TMG Enterprises Well-Known Member

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    Thanks for the quick turnaround and for the quality of the small order I recently placed. I am sending specs for another order, twice the size of the first.
    TMG Enterprises, Feb 20, 2017 IP
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  3. WordTradeSolutions

    WordTradeSolutions Well-Known Member

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    Great to know you like our work! :)
    Have replied to your email - Thanks for your new order!
    WordTradeSolutions, Feb 20, 2017 IP