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CPI solution for Android web traffic

Discussion in 'General Business' started by Farjad Nadeem, Oct 15, 2018.

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    Here you can find a general information about the CPI solution, which shifts Android web traffic into Android application by means of a direct download link. It works well for publishers and networks who have clickable buttons or landing pages.

    This solution has a ‘Custom File Naming’ option, which provides an easy-to-use tool allowing publishers to name our application depending on search requests of the website users.

    In order to earn a maximum revenue, a publisher should add a direct download link to the most clickable button on a site. It’s important to pick and use buttons (banners) which generate the highest number of clicks. I recommend making it works just for the first click on the real download button. Here we should use a Java script, which will manage our direct download link just once per IP.

    We pay on CPI basis. Publishers, who have an information about clicks, could calculate the average number of installs we will pay for. With a file naming option, you could have up to 10-15% of installs of the total number of clicks

    my skype is given here. thefarjadqureshi.
    Farjad Nadeem, Oct 15, 2018 IP