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cPanel DNS Confiuration - OVH VPS with AlmaLinux 8

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by pyro1423, May 25, 2023.

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    I have just purchased a VPS with OVH and I have my domains registered on Namecheap and I am trying to create a fully functioning web server.

    What I have:
    OVH VPS + cPanel + Almalinux 8
    1 main IP + 3 additional IPs

    What I want:
    Hostname: host.domain1.xyz (Main IP)
    Nameserver1: ns1.domain1.xyz (Dedicated IP 1)
    Nameserver2: ns2.domain1.xyz (Dedicated IP 2)

    domain1.com (Main IP)
    domain2.com (Dedicated IP 3)

    (Do I need to add domain1.xyz as an account? I bought the .xyz specifically for the server)
    (Is it a bad idea to use a domain .xyz extension as my nameservers/hostname)

    What DNS records do I need to add with the domain registrar for this to work?
    pyro1423, May 25, 2023 IP
  2. seomanualsubmission

    seomanualsubmission Well-Known Member

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    As i know you should add Child Name Server first ... like ns1.domain.xyz with 1st or 2nd IP then second ns2.domain.xyz with selected IP (What you want). In VPS you can see DNS template and change default value (If not according to your selected NS name). So when you will add domain.xyz to VPS then ns1, ns2 dor domain.xyz will add and after change DNS on namecheap you site will live. I think because you want to add different IPs for each name server so you have to repeat process again. I am not expert of VPS but using for my websites ..... condition is not mulitple IPs and so i for multiple IPs you need to follow these process ..... Any other experts can let you know more better ... if i am wrong.
    seomanualsubmission, May 26, 2023 IP