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COVID19 - Revenuehits replying your frequent questions

Discussion in 'Pay Per Click Advertising' started by RevenueHits, Apr 20, 2020.

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    Another week has gone by, and COVID19 shows no signs of moving forward to Mars. So what do we do? We Learn. We improve. We help you reach your business goals. Therefore, we gathered some of the frequently asked questions that got to our desk in the past few weeks, and we believe that all the publishers can learn from it. Here it goes:

    1. How can I increase my revenue during this time?
    It’s not a secret that verticals like Gaming, Torrents, Music, and E-commerce attracts millions of users today, so ask yourself whether you can give them what they are after. There is no better time to try out new & profitable verticals than now.
    2. My revenue is getting lower, should I stick around or look for what the competitors offer?
    Well, this time, the neighbors’ grass isn’t greener. As you all know, everybody feels the impact of COVID19. If you work with a specific company for some time now, it won’t be a good idea to look for new adventures at the moment. Try to stick to the good and familiar you already know.

    3. I want to make more money, does the ad-quality really matter at this crazy time?
    Yes. Especially now, it’s essential to stay on top of things. The economy and ad-rates could change at any moment, so you, too, should be prepared. Long term thinking is the only thinking nowadays.

    4. How can I optimize my website (especially in these difficult times)?
    Simply, by following these few steps:

    • Check your TDK (Title, Keyword, Description)
    • Optimized your HTML Code using CSS preferable
    • Create a sitemap and make sure you have breadcrumbs on all your products so that SE Crawler able to crawler all your pages
    • Submit to GWT (Google Webmaster Tools) and Submit your Sitemap
    • Create Good Content and make sure it is user-friendly
    • Create backlinks that relevant to your site like using PBN
    5. I am spending a lot of clicks, but my revenue is 0 – Why is that?

    This is a very common publisher's question. Since we are a performance-based network, our primary pricing model is CPA. This means the publisher will earn money only when visitors make an action. It is important to understand that dvertisers are willing to pay higher rates for a CPA than the CPM model since they know their campaign will be more successful.

    So While COVID19 will stick around for a while, you have to continually motivate yourself to be active, ask the right questions, learn and stay positive.

    I will more than happy to dig deeper into this on skype and if you want to start generating extra monetization, please enter the link below to learn more:


    RevenueHits, Apr 20, 2020 IP