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Counting Specific Pages

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by Letzride, Jan 17, 2018.

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    I am not quite sure how I can go about doing this and so therefore I am not entirely sure how to best ask this question...so please bear with me here as my knowledge is also limited.

    I have attached to this thread a snippet image to help explain what I am after...

    In the below image I have a portion of my site that I would like to track specifically. I have labeled the sections 1-5. Each "Section" has 1 forum and 3-4 subforums contained within it that will share a common template across the master "Section" be it 1,2,3,4 or 5 (I am using vbulletin forums).
    Essentially what I want to find out is say for "section 1" I want to know how many page views I get specifically for 1st/2nd Gen I6 & v6 engines, hardcore engine, Forced Induction, and Nitrous pages... (only the main home pages of that section 1 not all of the threads contained within it)

    I can't / don't want to rely on using "pageviews by page" in the behavior by page section of google analytics for this because I have about 35 sections I want to specifically track and over 1 million posts on my forum. A number of those page will start with the names of those forums/subforums in the page title and cause me to have to view 1000's of lines just to count my data up....I want to separately be able to pull up stats for the main sections not the threads contained within...does that make sense?

    My first thought was to maybe use google tag manager? However I am not sure that is the right tool to use or quite how I would go about setting up what I want to do here?

    ****Or maybe a better way to approach this is if I give you the end reason...I want to sell Advertising packages based on those specific sections as they will appeal to different audiences/advertisers based on "section". The advertising will be an image with a link to the advertisers website...however this will be using a "canned" code that allows me to rotate 6-7 banners in a specific location. I would like to be able to track how many impressions an advertiser receives to provide them with value and return on investment benefits for money spent on the site. Each "templated section" on my forum will be sold to different advertisers, which is why I'd like to be able to drop some kind of counting snippet into each of those templates to capture this information.... am I making sense?

    analytics help.PNG
    Letzride, Jan 17, 2018 IP
  2. Letzride

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    Use google tag manager maybe?
    Letzride, Jan 22, 2018 IP