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Corel Painter

Discussion in 'Graphics & Multimedia' started by scu8a, Jan 10, 2020.

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    With the rapid progress of artificial intelligence, I've been thinking about what could be done if AI principles were incorporated into a program such as Corel Painter. If you're not familiar with Corel Painter, it's the closest thing I know to be a "virtual art studio". If you are familiar with Adobe Photoshop as graphics editing software, then you'll know basically how to use Corel Painter given that they are both used to create artwork.
    Fine art supplies are expensive, and errors in your work can be costly. Art is messy, it takes time to clean-up, and if you like using oil paint, the chemicals reek. Even paper is expensive. I've spent over $7.00 on a single sheet of paper. Why? Because if you're going to do your best, you might as well use the best tools you can. Is it worth it? Yes. Can I continue to afford it? Ha. NO.

    So, what's my alternative? A virtual painting programing such as Corel Painter will help save me money and allow for more experimentation with less cost. On the downside, authentic fine art techniques aren't the same as in real life. The variables are countless. You won't learn to be a great artist by using software.

    I also bought a professional drawing tablet. The pen, or brush that you use is sensitive to pressure and angle. It allows you to do certain things as you would if you were really creating artwork. Would I consider it adequate? no. A virtual pencil can't provide you with the feel of using oil pastels, for instance.

    Anyway, I'm wondering how many people use Corel Painter to create/enhance your artwork? The attached thumbnail is a copy of a painting I had created in real life, now being painted in the virtual realm. The software and tablet were under $2,000. Often times, a single project will cost up to $300 in supplies alone if I were to use fine art materials. It's a change, but an interesting one.

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    scu8a, Jan 10, 2020 IP
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