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Copywriting Killer Tips, Optimized Ad Copy Extremely Increase Conversion

Discussion in 'Copywriting' started by venzlie, May 11, 2016.

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    Copywriting or ad copy is very important when you run a campaign. You can increase conversion rate extremely by only make a good ad copy. Here are some tips from me to create an awesome ad that have positive ROI with nice result.

    Headline is one of the important factor for our ads become interesting. Good headline will attract more readers to our ad, that also bring positive impact to our campaign result.
    when i used to advertise a seminar, i use the headline "are you want to have successful life?"
    there was only 15 person register to this seminar, then i try to change the headline in the newspaper ad to "The Best Sales Seminars in 2015", I have 115 register improvement only by changing this headline. By my experiece so far, changing an ads headline can have more than 1:10 improvement result. You must optimize your headline

    2. Irresistible Sensational Offer
    Our motivation to buy something is only two things, FEAR and GREEDY. We buy foods because we are fear of hunger. We buy fancy gadget because we are fear of losing prestige. We buy excessive investment product like gold because we are greed of the profit promised by the sales person.
    Irresistible sensational offer is an offer that touch our humanity FEAR and GREEDY. You can make our prospect think that if they doesnt buy our product that have awesome ROI on their purchase, logically they will suffer big loss.
    You can sell a piece of bread for $1000, and people are struggle to buy that bread, why? here is the trick
    are we loss because of this campaign? i will tell you, big NO.
    the diamond that we offer for free that valued $1888 is real looks valued $1888 but we may buy this only for $900.
    How to buy a gift value looked $1888 and pay only for $900 each?
    You can do a group buy, wholesale buying, order from the direct factory, etc. There is no limit on marketing campaign, creativity is our limit.

    Clear declared call to action will optimize your ad campaign extremely. Our prospect may get interest by our headline and offer, but its nothing if the prospect don't know what to do, or where to purchase, etc.
    A good call to action is the one that have including:

    What to do if they are interested?
    Where to buy or get more information?
    Payment method?
    Guarantee and aftersales?
    How to order?

    You may not including all of this information directly in your ad, because some of major ads are limited character space. You must put all the information in the landing page, or somewhere that our visitors go thru after reading your ad. It may be a customized landing page, website homepage, sales page, calling operator, fill contact form, etc.
    Just put some call to action words in your ad copy. example: BUY NOW, CALL NOW, CLICK HERE, MORE INFO, CHECK OFFER, etc.
    venzlie, May 11, 2016 IP
  2. seoaceindia

    seoaceindia Banned

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    Thanks great advice here your provide.
    seoaceindia, May 11, 2016 IP
  3. venzlie

    venzlie Active Member

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    yes sure, just trying to help.
    by the way, anybody who wants recommendation for optimizing their ad copy can post here on this thread, i will help as much as i can
    venzlie, May 12, 2016 IP