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Selling Cool website for sell

Discussion in 'Sites' started by keepmelive, Jun 3, 2019.

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    The advantages of the site:
    - the whole is written from scratch (PHP, JS, jQuery, CSS, MySQL) thanks to which VERY EASY you can develop it. The website code is secure, readable .. Despite 22.5k+ registered users, the service can be kept on a cheap server. (20usd / mo)
    - simple and very effective cache system thanks to which everything works very quickly.
    - Huge potential
    - extended admin panel thanks to which we can log into user's accounts, run a newsletter, easily manage translations, accept / reject translation suggestions, see graphs from which countries user registered as well as charts of the number of users monthly and generally and the number of accounts created today / per the month ... etc. replying to support - there is a script that downloads all emails ... tickets are created and you can quickly replay to them by selecting buttons with answers. there are not many that you really need to write down. and many others...
    - separate page dev.keepme.live on which you can create an update and only when you complete it, switch to productions. There is a very large update of the site which is not finished. There are small patches like emoticons displayed in tinymce, user's description, better scroll bars, more beautiful menu (and many more) but also large changes like the whole API quite well developed. There are also half-written scenes (like in obs) you can do any number of alerts / widgets and name them, edit or delete. You can also do so (not completed) that the alert with the tip will be displayed from any amount so that the streamer can set for example 2 different alerts and show first only if the amount is less than eg 10 € and the second show when the amount is greater than 10 € .. Changed home page to attract users. On the new main page are streammer logos who use keepme and a large table of payment methods [after entering this, we will surely see an increase in the number of accounts because it is something that is very encouraging and is immediately visible] written in such a way that you can see how much is what for . and it will be easy to add new payment methods to it. Tab with tutorials - I do not know if it will work, I came up with the idea to ask users to make there instructive videos about keepme and would be available in different languages in a special tab (this would certainly improve the number of accounts, though there is little information from users who can not use keepme it will not hurt to add this tab anyway). In general, as I was doing an update, I wrote a list of things to do and there were 77 points. there is about 15 to do now. There is also such an amendment that when you withdraw money through the streammer you can voluntarily give donations for keepme.live (5%, 10%, 15%, 20% or 25% of the money). In my opinion, the website should be for free(+donations). the minimum amount to be paid is 20 € so 20-30% of the profit is left. I think it's good. Then you can start earning real money on the site. there are many ideas. they can be premium account / online store / commission / paid options for viewers when they send donations, etc. I have not tried ads, but maybe it would also be a good, sites where we make payments for youtubers are often visited.
    - the website has never been advertised. I wrote to one streamer on facebook and after 3 years there are already 22.5k+ users.
    - Service support takes up to 5h per month (writing back to support, automatic generating of settlements)
    - multilanguage - so you can spread the page to the whole world.
    - automatic generation of settlements.
    - The design is detailed in detail. Alerts have a lot of configuration options ... I care about such cases as appropriate breaking the line in the alert text, and when the text is too long it scrolls .. You can upload your own music or use some of the already available ... you can show videos before or after notification or instead of an image. Different layouts ... Just a lot of settings. The same applies to widgets, and the best thing is that the programmer will be able to create one a day or every ~3 days, because that's how it's done, it's very easy to develope. Different layouts of the donation page .. and here again ... it's very easy to add another one .. The project is very polished!
    - Exponential graph of the number of registered users
    - I only wrote the page for myself, so I took care of the code and it is very readable. I was also a freelancer and I often came across people who came to me with a bought code from someone and was often very messy or I saw that the person who did this was probably first programmed or just learned. Here, there will be no problem because the whole is written wisely but also the average skill programmer should give advice to develop it - start harder than to develop.
    Planned development:
    - [PRIORITY] reduce the waiting time for money.
    - on the development version I have a VERY big update which I did not finish. You have to finish it.
    - [PRIORITY] add new payment methods. The script to operate them is very easy and you can add ALL payment methods very quickly and thus increase profits. [I think that if you add all the payment methods, then the streammers from around the world will go mad. I think that in Poland alone, you can accumulate ~ 100,000 users in the next two years, see how much it will accumulate around the world! Fortumo supports sms payments in many countries, however, it is worth to add local services because they offer better %.
    - adding new widgets ... It is very easy ... we add a css file, js, we write 2 functions in php and we have another widget .. (only after the update which is on the development version), but in the current version it is also easy to add ... and it'll be easy to transfer later
    - creating an online store for youtubers (generator of t-shirts, mugs) [additional earnings] - so that youtuber could design t-shirts / mugs etc. and sell them with us. I was thinking about searching for some API stores. they would sell them a Keepmelive will charge % of sold.
    - it would be nice to launch fb funpage or some sort of thing so that the streammers would trust more and be advertised. However, anyway, ~ 30% of people return to the site after a week (in the admin panel there is a graph) so it's good :).
    distant plans:
    - creating a social website for stramers, an application used to inform about streamings, etc. With ~ 1-2 million users, this will not be a problem, and I think that after introducing new methods of payment, the website will attract so many users.
    Currently, the site earns ~$1.2k / mo. I think that if I had to hire one programmer to write this site (cost about 4000 PLN / mo), after a year / two, the site could earn 6-15k usd, maybe even 50k$ a month, or maybe even more. Now I have 22 thousand users. I think that if you add more payment methods, 100k-200k will be made in this year and then when the site hits other countries it is probably 1 million +. As you can see the website is very polished and fast .. however, there is a lack of payment methods which I think is crucial. You can easily add bitcoin payments, dotpay, offer better% of sms payments in some countries, skrill, webmoney, paysafecard. etc. That's why I think it has huge potential because it can break through all the competition.
    - I do not know what to write here. The disadvantage is that if we want the project to really break out, you have to do the withdrawal immediately (invest a little) or shorten this time as much as possible. I can not do it because I can not afford it. I had to wait until I got the money collected by the streammers, so I told the stremen to wait for them too. It would be best to cover this time interval with our own means. There are different times for different payment methods. For sms fortumo it is 1-4 + (mainly 1-3) months depending on the country.
    What I sell:
    - domain
    - access to the server so that you do not have to go anywhere
    - page code
    - documentation that I will create if someone will be interested
    - copyright to the page code (agreement)
    - access to the GIT repository with commits. You can see the progress of my work(I did not always care for it).
    Currently the most users are from the Czech Republic - 25.8%, Poland - 13.4%, Serbia - 11.4%, Bulgaria - 7.9%, Slovakia - 7.6%, Croatia - 7.1%, Lithuania - 6.5%, Bosnia - 5.9%, Latvia - 3.6 %, Romania - 3.2%, United States - 3.2%, Germany - 1.2%, ...
    I am happy to help you to implement the project more accurately after the purchase. I can answer questions and lead a new programmer, although I think everything is written very clearly and there should be no questions, but if there will be questions then I will be available 4 you.

    I opened the site in November 2015.
    The price is 100'000 USD

    I recommend because I think the project really has great potential and it is worth developing seriously :)

    Interested persons are invited to ask questions!

    Before buying, please contact:

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    keepmelive, Jun 3, 2019 IP
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