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Buying Cookie Identification System

Discussion in 'Programming' started by thebaron, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Cookie Identification System

    My client (MC) has a service that stores their clients quality manuals online (PDFs, images, text files, word documents, excel workbooks, etc.) and he reminds them periodically about required updates. Each client has distinct, propietary material that is stored in a folder structure, such as mc.com/files/company_a, and mc.com/files/company_b. MC handles the web development for the system, but requires a means of allowing their clients to access their material to check for accuracy and occasionally to reference something for a task they are undertaking. They don't want to have to login each time. Once is enough, a cookie should be placed that can track who they are for subsequent logins.

    The clients that require access exist as distinct users on distinct computers that will access the system through MC's website (a folder), having a HTML page that MC will develop themselves. This HTML Page is called either index.htl or index.html. They will need to access their material within a folder without restriction, and move about freely from page to page, but may not access another clients folder, which has it's own distinct material, accessible by their own people with their own login and password.

    The folder to be used should be created by the admin control panel, and then files will be uploaded through FTP. There is no need to allow the control panel to handle the upload of files - FTP is fine.

    A client may occasionally wish to access the material whilst travelling, from their phone, or from home, in which case they will be operating from a computer they haven't used previously. In this case they will be prompted for a username and password. The username and password will have been provided to the client by MC, and we'll have a list of them. If there is no cookie on that computer the user is attempting to access material from, the user will have this username/password prompt. According to the login and password used, they can accces their folders material. A 'remember me' checkbox can be used to determine whether the cookie can be placed, in case it's a public computer.

    New clients will join the system, and they will have a new username/password pair. This can be added by me (admin) through the control panel you create. Some clients may need to be deleted too. The cookie needs to be able to be set for a variable number of days.

    Easy enough system, but one slight complication is that the client has existing hosting which only allows one DB, which is already in use. So once approved, you'll have to install the system and use that DB using additional tables. Also, MC has an SSL in use and wants to use that extra security for this system.
    Please only quote if you already have good iTrader and can start the project immediately. Please quote price and how many days it will take to complete.
    thebaron, Sep 23, 2010 IP