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Conversion analytics for Udemy courses and my current website

Discussion in 'Google Analytics' started by theplastickid, Dec 25, 2015.

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    Hello all,

    I am wondering if anyone can share a good source of information to achieve the following:

    I currently have conversion goals set up on my main website.
    I also have a seperate account integrated with my Udemy bio that tracks conversions of course purchases.
    One of those goals on my personal website is when a user clicks on an external link taking them to my Udemy course page.

    Udemy allows you to set up a Google tracking code on your account and analyse all of the data through this method, however there is a gap in the user journey between the two accounts.

    My Problem

    1. I know the user has converted on my site but clicking on the external link but I don't know that they have purchased my product by viewing the account connected to my main website.

    2. Within my Udemy account stats I know a user has come from my website and if they have purchased my course, but the chain is broken. I can't track the users journey.

    For example: 'User clicks link in Facebook > Blog Post > External Link > |BREAK| > Course Landing Page > Purchase'

    I have looked at guides that discuss including the same Google analytics code on both my main website and my Udemy profile but am also aware this can cause a lot of problems.

    I am really just looking for recommendations, resources and the best solution for implementation of this process.

    Appreciate any feedback anyone can offer on the topic.

    Many Thanks!
    theplastickid, Dec 25, 2015 IP