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Content Writer - Win a Part Time Paid Job

Discussion in 'Design Contests' started by jonny-harms, Apr 5, 2009.

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    We are a Government funded organisation looking to hire a part-time content writer. The subjects covered will include cavity wall insulation and loft insulation. In the near future, this will also involve energy saving, carbon emissions, etc.

    In order to hire the best candidate, I would like you to submit a sample article which you have written on one of the above subjects. The article writer we select should have good grammar and be able to write about a subject they can revise and learn about.
    Please send your sample articles on cavity wall insulation and loft insulation to

    Articles must be related to the current and/or future subjects mentioned above and be minimum 250 words.

    The winner will be offered a part-time contract (minimum 16 hours) to write articles on current subjects (such as insulation, heating, energy saving, etc) for our network. The salary will meet minimum wage and you will be required to create articles in 16 hours of your time. The articles will be tested for unique content.

    Many thanks,
    jonny-harms, Apr 5, 2009 IP
  2. hoshheid

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    Awesome dude, I am going to read up on the subject for a couple of hours and then i will send you an article. What is 'minimum wage'?
    hoshheid, Apr 5, 2009 IP