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Selling Content Writer, Forum Post + Tweet + Blog post

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by lpstong, May 10, 2014.



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  1. #1
    - English speaking (native tongue)
    - Experience in posting on common bulletin boards/forums..
    - Ability to make 15+ word posts that are relevant to the forum topic
    - Freelance Content Writer/Paid Poster since December 2005.
    - All original work
    - Work with Paypal Only

    Trial Package
    10 Posts
    1 Poster
    +3 Tweets about your forum I post on.

    Green Package
    25 Posts
    1 – 2 Posters
    2 New Threads
    23 Posts
    +3 Tweets about your forum.

    I will also make 1 tweet on 3 different Twitter accounts for 1 day about your forum.
    Forum posts and tweets have to be on and about the same forum. No exceptions.

    IE - if you want me to post on your Awesomeforum.com then the tweets will be about Awesomeforum.com.

    I will throw in a free blog post about your forum. It has to be on your forum only. No exceptions. You must write the blog post of up to 200 words and no more than 2 links.

    Samples of my posts can be viewed here on Digitalpoint for any reference points to my writing skills.
    lpstong, May 10, 2014 IP
  2. Trevor Becker

    Trevor Becker Greenhorn

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    pm me your skype , got some projects .
    Trevor Becker, May 11, 2014 IP