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Selling Content that will make your competitors jealous

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by pigpromoter, Feb 12, 2017.



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    This is not yet-another I cans rite thread. I'm pretty sure you won't be looking for another writer once you get to test me :)

    Reasons why you should pick me:
    • I don't outsource. All content is written by me.
    • I'm not a student. I don't write for beer money, I do this for a living.
    • I'm upfront about turnaround times. I won't lie to you and promise overnight delivery when I'm overcrowded. I'm always frank about delivery terms, even if that's going to cost me the gig altogether.
    • I don't write gibberish just to pad the word count.
    • I'm familiar with the online industry. I do my best to understand your business, what you're going to use the articles for, and adjust the writing style accordingly.
    ... And it goes without saying that the content is unique, passes Copyscape, and you get all rights. You know the drill.

    I charge $1.00 per hundred words. Sorry, no bulk discounts available.

    Hit me up and let's talk!
    pigpromoter, Feb 12, 2017 IP
  2. ifeanyi egede

    ifeanyi egede Member

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    Can you send me some links and samples at let me take a let me take a look?
    ifeanyi egede, Feb 12, 2017 IP
  3. pigpromoter

    pigpromoter Well-Known Member

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    You've got mail :)
    pigpromoter, Feb 12, 2017 IP