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Selling [Content & Link Building Services + HQ Blog Network] - Zero (0) OBL's, 100% Unique

Discussion in 'Services' started by LindseyInteractive, Apr 18, 2012.


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    Introduction - Who is SIS Media Group

    We are an Internet Marketing service provider located right here in The United States, Kentucky to be exact. We have over 10 years of experience in the online marketing industry, we specialize in services such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click Management, Video Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Link Building, and much more.

    SIS Media Group has developed a very unique Business Model, in which we are able to keep our overhead at a bare minimum, which allows us to give our clients top notch services, as a very affordable price, which you will see below.

    Services We Provide:

    We are a full service internet marketing company providing a huge amount of services, but we are only going to be offering the following here on DigitalPoint, however, you can go to our site at SIS Media Group :: Internet Marketing Company, SEO, Social Media, & PPC Management Services to find out and order more:

    Article & Content Creation Services
    Article Marketing Campaign Services
    Web 2.0 Properties Services
    Private Blog Network - Contextual Link Building Services

    Service Information & Pricing

    Article & Content Creation Services

    Our Article Creation services are some of the best you will find on the internet and also are some of the best rates you will find on the internet as well. All of our writers work in house here in our office here in Kentucky, and all of them have degrees in either A) Business Management & Marketing or B) English & Literature from colleges and universities here in the United States. We only provide quality services here at SIS Media Group, so you don't have to worry about the English sounding broken, incorrect, or anything of that nature with our articles.

    250 Word Article = $3.50
    350 Word Article = $5.00
    450 Word Article = $6.25
    550 Word Article = $7.75
    650 Word Article = $9.15

    Article Marketing Campaign

    With the update of Panda from Google, a lot of people seem to think that article marketing is no longer an effective marketing tool, and for those people who take a simple article and submit it to thousands of directories, they are right. If done effectively and correctly, article marketing is still a very good marketing tool and is still very effective SEO Link Building strategy.

    When it comes to creating an effective article marketing campaign, we take EVERY step possible to make sure that our service is high quality and out weights that of our competition. We create UNIQUE accounts for every campaign, this way there is no footprint. After we have created each of our clients their own accounts, we then create a 450+ word article. Once the article is created, we then SPIN that article through a (2) Sentence + Synonym Spin Cycle, this way each of the articles that come out are AT least 75% unique, and not only are they 75% unique, they are also 100% readable and make sense, as we are doing them on sentence level first. Once we have unique articles, we then go ahead and submit those to ONLY PR1+ Directories, nothing below PR1 is used in our list.

    (1) Article Marketing Campaign = $35.00
    (2) Article Marketing Campaign = $70.00
    (3) Article Marketing Campaigns = $100.00
    (4) Article Marketing Campaigns = $125.00
    (5) Article Marketing Campaigns = $150.00

    Web 2.0 Properties

    Web 2.0 Properties such as Hubpages, Squidoo, and Wordpress.com are excellent ways to increase the popularity of your website's SERP's as well as deliver very valuable traffic to your website. At SIS Media Group, we only practice HIGH QUALITY marketing practices, so when it comes to building a Web 2.0 Property for you, we start by creating each client their own unique account, and then we deliver a 700+ word article, along with pictures, fonts, quotes, widgets, and 3x backlinks. These PR5+ websites deliver great link juice to any webpage.

    (1) One Web 2.0 Property = $25.00
    (2) Two Web 2.0 Properties = $50.00
    (3) Three Web 2.0 Properties = $70.00
    (4) Four Web 2.0 Properties = $85.00
    (5) Five Web 2.0 Properties = $100.00

    (**BEST SERVICE**) - High Quality "PRIVATE" Blog Network - Contextual Link Building

    This is the best service that we are offering here on Digitalpoint, and the reason why, is Contextual Links or "In-Content" links aka blog post, hold more weight than any other type of link on the market today. Now, there have been many providers that have built up blog networks and started to kill the value of these links simply because they put up hundreds and thousands of blogs, that have NO value what so ever, and the quality is less than that of a blog comment or a web directory submission.

    Well, that is not something you have to worry about here, we have spent thousands of dollars creating a HIGH QUALITY PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK that beats any of our competitors by 10x fold. See the information below to see why we say our network is superior:

    - PR0 - PR3 Blogs
    - 100% Unique Content (nothing Spun)
    - Minimum of 1 Year old domains (some up to 3 - 4 years old)
    - All are Top Level Domains (mostly .com or .net, with a couple of .infos)
    - Each Blog, has a Premium Theme ($35.00 or more per theme & Per Site), no free themes
    - Each Blog Post gets a photo with it and is in the "Featured Rotating" slider
    - Each Article only has ONE (1x) link per article
    - Each Blog has a minimum of ONE ARTICLE going on it per week, with NO links in it
    - Each Blog NEVER has more than ONE article per day going on it, so it seems natural
    - Every Blog has a Social Media Plugins to allow our marketing consultants to Bookmark your articles
    - ZERO (0) OBL's on our sites, there are NO sidebar links, no blog roll links, no footer links at ALL

    Now, as you can see, our blog network is a very high quality network, and we are always expanding, we are putting them up in about 10 sites at a time, we have over 300 domains to work with, but they all have to reach standards for us before they go live. Currently we have 10 Blogs that we are using in our network.

    (3) One Way Contextual Links / 3 Unique Articles / 3 Domains = $15.00
    (5) One Way Contextual Links / 5 Unique Articles / 5 Domains = $25.00
    (7) One Way Contextual Links / 7 Unique Articles / 7 Domains = $32.50
    (10) One Way Contextual Links / 10 Unique Articles / 10 Domains = $45.00

    Review Copies

    Since this is a new offering here on Digitalpoint, we are going to offer 10 Review copies for an additional 30% off the suggested price. Now, in order to get the 30% off the price, you must agree to leave a review copy in the thread here.​

    Client Testimonials

    These reviews can be seen from our website under the testimonials page, and other below are from digitalpoint forum.

    LindseyInteractive, Apr 18, 2012 IP
  2. Morgan

    Morgan Well-Known Member

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    Hey ill take a review of this:

    (10) One Way Contextual Links / 10 Unique Articles / 10 Domains
    Morgan, Apr 23, 2012 IP
  3. LindseyInteractive

    LindseyInteractive Well-Known Member

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    Hello Morgan,

    Thank you for contacting us.

    You can go ahead and send the payment to for $31.50.

    Also, please send your URL/Keyword information to and we can get started.
    LindseyInteractive, Apr 23, 2012 IP