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Content in cache, but not showing in Google

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization' started by t2dman, Sep 13, 2010.

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    Has anyone else come across this issue, a websites content is in Google's cache, but its not showing on Google.

    If you look at the cache of a page, then Google for unique text from that page in quotes, the homepage for a client is not able to be found - no sites show, its unique text from that website, and the websites homepage is all that should show. Proper multi page shopping cart website of proper business with unique content on their pages.

    "unique text from the page"
    - Google says no results found.

    I have done a reconsideration request on one client, and the day after the request was processed, the website came back from the dead. On another clients site, the same process has been followed, and the website has not come back from the dead.

    Google webmaster central responses have been that the website just needs more incoming links. But the homepage is a PR3, and is frequently recached. It is a penalty of some sorts in my opinion, but Google seems unable/unwilling to fix it.

    Has anyone had experience of this sort of penalty? How have you got it removed?
    t2dman, Sep 13, 2010 IP