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Constant abuse from a stalker...

Discussion in 'Legal Issues' started by Johnny Mnemonic, Apr 8, 2018.

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    There's this moron who keeps harassing me on the Internet. He started doing this last summer and has not let up since. He has found me at a lot of message boards, and he primarily targets pages to do with my filmography on The Internet Movie Database and the Acting Wiki, which is a part of Wikia. Even though I requested that the latter article be locked to new users, there's still an option beneath the article for guests to post comments, and they are inflammatory or include links to other abusive pages about myself.
    When he followed me to Wikipedia last year to edit pages as part of his abuse campaign, I attempted to bookmark his IP address, which is linked to a company in New Zealand called either Xtra or Spark. Unfortunately, an administrator deleted the edit he made when that person saw what I was doing, so nothing shows up for the IP address he used any longer. I've still got a record of the guy's IP address though, but I've reported him to the company that owns the IP address, and even did a live chat with staff a few times, but nothing has been done about his harassment. They just told me to contact the police, but I don't know if they meant the police in Edinburgh or the police in their country.

    I know the IP address he used isn't a proxy server. I'm aware that he has used lots of those too, but proxies generally don't work on Wikipedia, so I assume he just slipped up once and exposed his IP address by mistake after he got logged out of one of his many accounts (since I'm aware that users can edit low protection articles on Wikipedia without logging into an account), or maybe he didn't think I'd notice what he was doing.

    What he has did to me is very disturbing. On many forums I am a member of, he has impersonated me, and he made an administrator of one such community ban me, after he posted obscene images and threats as blackmail with dozens of accounts. I've also observed him stealing my personal pictures, but he has used pictures of people associated with me too, as well as added my YouTube videos to illegal file hosting sites, and posted false follow-up replies using a nickname on a consumer review I submitted, concerning someone else. Should I continue?

    Oh, he has also saved screen captures about me and uploaded them on archive.org to link to websites, 'liked' film lists just because I'm in them, as well as vandalized acting related pages, as I stated above. He also subscribed to one of my recent YouTube channels with hidden accounts before I closed it, sent strangers to my friend's address, and you name it. He keeps doing this. If I add entries on my filmography related pages to promote projects while they are still being filmed, he could even be messaging the people in charge so he can spread malicious gossip. I've actually been suspicious of him (and other people) doing that for a while now. So really, what's the point in any ISP out there having an abuse email address if they don't do anything about their customers breaking the law?

    Regards, Peter.
    Johnny Mnemonic, Apr 8, 2018 IP