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Confusing pinging backlinks and crawling question.

Discussion in 'Link Development' started by tenzho, Jan 9, 2012.

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    I know that Pinging your site is to notify google that you just updated your site and calling him to crawl your site to index it

    Then is it true that Pinging Backlinks, lets say I create an article and put a link that leads back to my site, and pinging it will call spiders to crawl it so that will help increase my site's PR?

    What about Blog comments? You have to copy the url on the page your comment is on and ping it?

    Once it is crawled you don't have to ping it anymore?

    But I heard that people do pinging in a large amount of links. Like more than 2,000?

    Are you saying that they do write comments on 2,000 blog or write articles for backlinks everyday?

    linklicious(dot)me is a site to help you ping your links.

    Free version can ping 2,500 links per day
    Basic Version can ping 10,000 links per day
    Pro Version can ping 50,000 links per day

    Since your article, blog comments, only needs to be crawled once, Why do you need to ping so much links? 50,000 links per day? I was starting to wonder how did they make so much backlinks? SPAM?

    I'm sorry, I was just so confuse about all these pinging stuff.
    tenzho, Jan 9, 2012 IP
  2. sultanofseo

    sultanofseo Notable Member

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    usually people who ping 2000 links a day ping forum profile links that dont usually get indexed by itself. you can ping anything you like. whether it is forum pfofiles, blog comments, article pages, web 2.0 pages, or whatever.

    you are right about how pinging works. idea is to let the search engine bots know about the presence of the site/page so that the bots can come to visit those pages. when the bots come to visit the pages you pinged, the crawler then follows the links to your money site from there.

    about 50k links per day - 50k links are built daily by serious internet marketers. not necessarily spam but certainly blackhat. there are blackhat tools that can build that many links per day
    sultanofseo, Jan 9, 2012 IP
  3. topatrank

    topatrank Peon

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    IS this tool can be use to ping for the directories and Social Bookmarking
    topatrank, Jan 9, 2012 IP
  4. tenzho

    tenzho Member

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    So if I wanna ping my forum signature, I have to go on every page that I post to and ping it? Lets say I have a signature below, I want to ping the url, So I have to come to this subdomain to ping instead of the forum.digital dot com to ping?
    tenzho, Jan 10, 2012 IP