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Competitor Price Tracking in E-Commerce

Discussion in 'eCommerce' started by mertgencler, Mar 8, 2018.

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    E-Commerce is huge and the competition is really harsh especially in price wars. As online shoppers have an immense variety in online market and have great ability to find the best deals, they don’t hesitate even a second to prefer one of your competitors. Also, the majority of them consider pricing as the very first criteria affecting their buying decision. So, under these conditions, I would like to learn e-commerce owners' thoughts towards this topic. How do you define your e-commerce pricing strategy? Are you focusing on competitor price tracking? Do you change your prices according to the price change of competitors? How do you track your competitors' prices? Manually? Or, using a software?
    mertgencler, Mar 8, 2018 IP
  2. roberwilliams01

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    Yes price plays an important role in the e-commerce business but it is not the only thing that defines the success of your business. There are lots of other things that can have higher influence on your customer than price this include your product listing, Image upload, Product description, Title formation & many more.
    Secondly, your activity on social media like facebook, pinterest & tumblr also have an impact on your customer about your credibility. Try to create a community of your customers to have them local towars your website.
    Atlast, your customer support also plays a key role on customer experience on your website. proer handling of queries, compliants, refund & return can create a good image about your website.
    So kindly work on these things rather than focussing on price only.
    roberwilliams01, Aug 22, 2018 IP