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Buying Competent technical writer for tutorial-based content

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Cobalt64, Dec 22, 2010.

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    As per the title I am looking for somebody with a technical or design background who is able to produce original content. Much of my requirement is for tutorial-style content, so if you feel unable to relay knowledge and understanding then I would ask you not to contact me. I am not looking for "articles" on technical topics, I'm looking for tutorials with a learning objective.

    I am primarily looking for programming-based tutorials. Whilst I am not looking for anything particularly in-depth at this stage, I am looking for somebody long-term and as such with the capability to cover both the basics and the higher-end material. I also have several applications - free, of course - which I would like content for. This would require you to either know the applications or be willing to get your head around them, so factor this in when considering contacting me.
    My aim is to create an educational resource, so it is vital that you can write in a coherent, structured manner and lead the learner through a tutorial/how-to guide. If this sounds like something that interests you, please send me a little information about yourself to john [at] i-ebdev [dot] com or alternatively feel free to contact me via MSN with the same address.

    I am looking to pay via PayPal, though this can be discussed for the right person. I do not want to pay a cent or two a word here, I want something I can use and get real value out of and understand what writing good-quality content requires so am realistic about the cost of material to fulfil my requirements.

    Thank you for your time reading this, and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Cobalt64, Dec 22, 2010 IP
  2. Cobalt64

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    Hi - I do not appear to have had a PM from you Zendi, or at least not under that username.

    Thank you for the responses so far, I am interested in one or two of the people that have replied although I am still open to offers.

    Cobalt64, Dec 23, 2010 IP