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Community portal scripts (CMS) final faceoff - Drupal, Joomla, Boonex Dolphin, OC Por

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by EnvironmentAbout, Nov 15, 2011.

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    I have been searching for a CMS script to extend my wordpress blog (Environmental Issues) to a complete niche specific community portal for the past 1 year but haven’t able to choose any existing content management or community portal script.

    Last six months, I have tried almost every single popular CMS script (Paid or Open Source) on my localhost installation but not a single CMS script attracted me in terms of performance and features. The features I am looking for are

    Community Blogging, News Submission, Articles
    Start, Share, Collaborate and Promote Projects
    Profile Pages
    Instant Massenger
    Third Party Integration
    Search Engine Friendly
    Ease of use

    Here I am sharing my opinion about various community portal scripts that I have used on my local machine (limiting to top four only):

    Boonex Dolphin: The only script that attracted me in terms of features and ease of use is Boonex Dolphin but most of the people who have used this script have only negative feedback about the bugs and low performance. This script appears to be the most buggy script among others available in the market. Some even claim that the script will break down when the membership grows.

    Drupal: Drupal appears to be the perfect solution for all my needs but it is so difficult to learn and customize that I better decided to leave this script out in my Maybe option.

    OcPortal: OC Portal is another open source content management systems that looks promising to me. But at this time, it is not so popular and the learning curve is too much to fully customize this script.

    Joomla: My final choice has came down to Joomla. Though I haven’t used Joomla before, but during my local installation usage, I really liked the user interface and ease of use. Joomla has a low learning curve related to other scripts. Jomsocial is a the social networking solution for joomla that looks promising to me. But again, I found it quite difficult to integrate third party scripts with Joomla.

    Apart from above four scripts I also tried other open source and commercial scripts currently available in market but no one impressed me.

    Please share your opinions about the scripts you have used and also recommend me a solution for the above requirements.
    EnvironmentAbout, Nov 15, 2011 IP
  2. bush_bryn

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    I don't know about this topic but I'll site down here to hear from profesional member ..
    bush_bryn, Nov 15, 2011 IP