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Common reasons for frequent proxy IP drops

Discussion in 'Programming' started by IPIDEA, Oct 19, 2022.

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    With the rapid development of the Internet, more and more people are engaged in the Internet work industry. People often need to use various tools to improve work efficiency. For example, proxy IP is one of the more frequently used tools by Internet practitioners. However, as the number of users increases, problems will follow. The most "bald" problem is the frequent disconnection of proxy IPs, which not only affects the normal use of users, but may also cause more serious effects such as account bans. . So what causes the proxy IP to drop frequently?

    1. The proxy IP is dropped due to the unstable local network

    First, find the problem from the user himself. One of the reasons why the proxy IP is dropped may be on the local network. The network quality of some small operators is not as good as that of big-name operators, and it is not uncommon for the proxy IP to be disconnected due to fluctuations in disconnection. Therefore, it is recommended that users try to use some high-quality big-name operator networks.

    In addition, the instability of the local network may also be related to the device and bandwidth. At this time, you can try by restarting the router or switching to other networks. For example, when the proxy IP drops when the mobile phone is connected using WiFi, you can try to use 4G data to connect.

    2. Frequent disconnection caused by unstable proxy IP server

    In the case of excluding the problem of the own network, you need to find the answer on the proxy IP. The proxy server with high load is indeed prone to disconnection during the connection process, or the proxy IP will be dropped when the line is disturbed. At this time, we can try to replace other relatively more stable lines to connect. If you have ruled out your own network problems and changed the proxy IP several times, it is still not effective, then it is recommended to replace other proxy IPs and try. It is also recommended that users test first when choosing a proxy IP, and try to choose a high-quality proxy IP with a high reputation such as IPIDEA, so as to avoid many inconveniences in subsequent use.

    IPIDEA provides various types of proxy IPs to ensure user network security in real time. It has provided services to many well-known Internet companies, supports batch use of APIs, and supports multi-threaded high-concurrency use. Welcome to visit.
    IPIDEA, Oct 19, 2022 IP