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Commission Junction FAQ*****Please Read Before Asking Questions*****

Discussion in 'Commission Junction' started by ibanezgrx1, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Recently the Commission Junction forum was being flooded with absolutely repetitive newbie questions. This FAQ should help the newbies as well as other DP members who might have some basic questions about CJ. Please note that this is this is not THE OFFICIAL Commission Junction FAQ. So the best solution is to CALL CJ directly. They can be reached at 800-761-1072. Advertisers should call at 888-316-0953 .


    Before you do anything, you should read CJ's PSA (Publisher Service Agreement):

    Then you should read CJ's general TOS (Terms Of Service):


    Q: How can I get into CJ?

    A: You can get into CJ within minutes. All you need is a website or blog. Applications are approved instantly. So don't fall for scammers who are selling CJ accounts.

    Q: Cool, I got into CJ. What now?

    A: After you get in, you should search for advertisers who match the content/niche of your site and apply to them. Also complete you TAX information, otherwise you won't be paid.

    Q: My application to join a advertiser program was declined. Why?

    A: While most advertisers automatically approves publishers applications, your application might be rejected for various reasons. The most common reason will be your geographical location. Many advertisers don't allow publishers outside USA or UK. Some advertisers will require a certain percentage of EPC.

    Q: So, What can I do if my application was declined?

    A: The best thing you can do is email the affiliate manager of that advertiser program and explain you business plan and model to prove that you are worth it. If you can convince them, they might let you in.

    Q: Can I use CJ along with other CPA networks?

    A: Yes, you can. But you better contact CJ is you think that future problems might occur.

    Q: I think my sales/leads are not being tracked properly.

    A: This is not likely to happen. But if you think, this is happening first check if the tracking code is on the HTML banner/text link. If everything from your side is OK, you should call them and report it as soon as possible.

    Q: When will I be paid?

    A: The minimum payment amount is $100. Any commissions equal or greater that $100 will be paid around the 20th of the following month you earned the commissions. To clarify: If you earn $100 in March, you'll be paid on the 20th of April. If you earn $70 in March and $30 in April, you'll be paid $100 on the 20th of May.

    Q: Why is this long delay before paying me? Why don't they pay instantly?

    A: Its not that easy. The advertisers will go through all transactions you have generated. They might make some corrections. After they approve your commissions, your commissions will be in LOCKED status. And CJ will review them. If everything is right, you commissions will be CLOSED and ready for payment. If any advertiser needs more time to review you transactions the might EXTEND your commissions for 1 month.

    Q: What are the payments methods available?
    A: There are two payment methods available: Check and Direct Deposit. However, Direct Deposit is not available for all countries.

    Q: My account was banned/deactivated. What is wrong with CJ???

    A: This is a question, which is very commonly asked at DP these days. Well, there is nothing wrong with CJ, instead something was wrong with you. CJ will never close any account without serious reason. So, Please try to abide by the TOS. Don't submit fake leads. You'll be caught eventually.

    Q: CJ is currently investigating my account. What should I do?

    A: CJ might investigate about your account if they find something fishy or if any advertisers complain about you. If you are honest and have not broken any TOS, you won't have much problem explaining them the situation. But if you fail to give proper explanation you account is most likely to be deactivated.

    Q: I have other questions.

    A: You can always call them for support. You can also contact via email through the 'Contact Us' tab in your publisher home.
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    good and helpful FAQ, however I have less interest in CJ. I tried it a long time back, poor results.
    psharma, Sep 24, 2010 IP
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