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Commerical and Volume Exception.

Discussion in 'Yahoo API' started by nate_king1, Apr 6, 2006.

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    I'm kind of upset that Yahoo after 3 Months of waiting has just came back rejecting my application for commerical and volume use. I have been really hoping that they company will allow me to access their feeds in order to make search better. But they denied all my applications and my ideas.

    My suggestings for applying for commerical and volume use.
    Do not apply. They want you to pay for the content that you use. Which is understandable but their website, developer.yahoo.net, was very misleading. If you carefully review the site it suggests that they often allow commerical and volume uses. Otherwise I wouldn't even apply.

    I'm just upset because I lost 3 months just waiting for a response. Now I have to find a contact information on yahoo's side that will actually allow me liecense the feeds I require. I tried to get MSN's contact info and was unsuccessful. Ask doesn't allow phone calls. Google? Their probably too into adwords and adsense instead of liecensing their feeds.

    :mad: :mad:
    nate_king1, Apr 6, 2006 IP