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Selling Commercials, Testimonials & Voiceovers Starting At Just $5! - Fiverr Top Rated & Super Seller!

Discussion in 'Services' started by epu, Jul 3, 2017.



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    Hi Guys. I've been a member of Digital Point for some time now. I am also a Top-Rated Super Seller on Fiverr and have provided thousands of businesses with Commercials, Video Testimonials and Voiceovers for the last two years!!! (Over 20,000 projects successfully completed with 100% client satisfaction!!!)

    You can check out some articles on my successes on Fiverr here including my promotion to Super Seller Status!

    1. Wired Magazine Feature
    2. Fiverr Blog Feature
    3. YouTube Fiverr Interview
    My BASIC $5 GIG gets me to read your script of up to 50 words from my teleprompter in my ENERGETIC STYLE while wearing a button down shirt using camera quality audio.

    My TOTALPACKAGE ($55) gets you the works. Up to 150 Words, Suit & Tie, HD Video, HQ Audio, plus your choice of two enhancements (Green Screen, Footage, Text, Images, etc)

    Check out my gigs and order from me today! (Links Below) - 5 Day Delivery Times! (2 Day Delivery Available) - LINKS BELOW!


    Late Night Talk Show
    Green Screen Commercials
    News Reporter Commercials
    Serious Black & White Commercial (Perfect For Finance, Law, Security, etc)
    Boxing Commercials (Perfect For Fitness. 10 Pro Boxing Leagues Use Me)
    News Anchor Commercials - (Major news sites use me)
    Jingles - $5 Per 15 Words - Industry Producer

    You can PM directly if you want custom work done.

    Thanks for letting me continue to be a part of the Digital Point community! (I am a Premium Member, but want to upgrade soon to an annual membership)

    You can check out my YouTube Channel for EXAMPLES!
    Visit my Video Demo Reel! (English & Spanish!)
    Visit My Voiceover Reel (Video) for MORE examples! (English & Spanish)
    Visit My Voiceover Reel (Audio) for EVEN MORE examples! (English & Spanish)
    Visit Everton Media, my website! (Video, Music & Photography)


    I also have an exclusive NYC STREET INTERVIEW GIG ($2500) which can really help you promote your brand complete with B-Roll, Custom Music, Titling, Actors, Scenes and choice of NYC location! Top-Quality! LINKS BELOW!

    NYC Street Interview Video - Shivr Headphones
    NYC Street Interview Video - My Eko TV
    NYC Street Interview Video - Les Juenes Fashion
    NYC Street Interview Video - Pact Travel
    NYC Street Interview Video - Kaching Fund Capital
    NYC Street Interview Video - Tab N Slot


    NYC Street Interview Gig - Order Now!
    NYC Street Interview Gig - (Alternate Link)

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