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comments and suggestions appreciated (conversion rate) [newbie]

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by babazen, May 16, 2018.

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    Hi everybody!

    Obviously I'm a newbie here... so any helpful advice would be valuable. Especially when it comes to increasing conversion. My understanding is that our progress has got us to a point where ads are showing up, with the right keywords, people are clicking, retargeting brings them back to other products they might be into yet sale numbers are not what they should be.

    Out of 2000 unique visitors, not a single sale this month. I did have one sale more than a month ago and if it wasn't for that one, I'd say our payment provider must be set up wrong or something.

    The products are artisan made items, mostly handmade jewelry or hand knit apparel around $48.

    110-230 came from Google Shopping
    140 came from Bing/Yahoo Catalog ads
    250 came from FB ads with a specific audience
    100 came back with FB retargeting ads
    0 sales
    These are all people who saw the product and clicked on the image to become visitors. That's why I'm puzzled.

    I know there are things we can improve like focusing on benefits more (vs features) on the product description but this conversion rate is a mind bender to me.
    What do you think we're doing wrong?

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    babazen, May 16, 2018 IP