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COMMENTING and other spam related services not allowed

Discussion in 'Services' started by TikTok, Apr 17, 2010.

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    Please do not create any threads related to blog commenting, Youtube commenting, or any other form of commenting service that involves you posting comments or posts on sites or blogs you don't own or control.

    This also includes selling lists of blogs or websites, or any other automated, semi-automated, or manual service that offers to create accounts on blogs, forums, or social networking/Web 2.0 sites. Whether you call this linkbuilding, profile linkbuilding, linkwheeling, backlinking, or whatever, we still consider it spam and we don't need those services here. Changing the wording of your sales thread does not change what you are buying/selling.

    Threads created for these prohibited services will be given infractions, and subsequent attempts to repost the same service may lead to spam infractions and bans.

    Legitimate linkbuilding services that involves traditional link exchanges, link sales, or link promotions with bonafide services are permitted. This includes directory and article submission services and other free and open services that welcome public submissions.

    If your service involves the creation of fake accounts, profiles, or other bogus information necessary for you to conduct your business, we don't want it here.

    This is not a new rule. DP has never endorsed any product or service that promotes spamming.
    TikTok, Apr 17, 2010 IP
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.