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Selling College Grads Need Article Writing Work!

Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by Bompa, May 9, 2010.

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    As a few of you know, I'm an American citizen that has been Internet
    Marketing for the last 6 years or so and have semi-retired to the
    Philippine Islands.

    Where I live is filled with universities and recently a group of university
    grads that have not yet found a job, approached me requesting that I market
    their writing skills. (The national written language in the Philippines is
    English, so they study it from the First grade).

    I want to help them and the internet can always use some better original
    content, so I set up a small room here with a few used desktops and when
    the orders come in, I text (sms) them. So I have about ten grads on-call.

    Wages in the Philippines are pretty low, but I have invested in this, and
    I will have to proof read every single article, so the rates will be:

    $2.99 per approximately 400 word article.
    Smallest order is 10 articles.

    First time buyers can order ten at only $1.99/article.

    I had one of my grads write a sample regarding digital printing services:

    http://besome1.info/Digital Printing Service.html

    You can PM me or email me at:


    PS: If you need links to get your articles indexed, see my sig. I know that guy
    and if there's a support issue, I can kick his butt for you.
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    Bompa, May 9, 2010 IP
  2. Bompa

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    Just an update...

    I've had quite a few inquiries in PM and I thought it best to put some of the answers here
    to save folks the time and trouble.

    Training my college grad writers is going well, but keep in mind that they are
    temporary workers and that they are actively seeking work in their field of expertise,
    engineering, IT, etc. This is why they are willing to write at such low prices.

    The articles they write can cover almost any subject, but there are some topics
    where the research would be so intensive that the cost can not be justified. Examples
    are testimonials, product reviews, medical, legal, etc. I'm sure you understand.

    A few people have asked for shorter articles (for blogs, I guess).

    Here are the new rates:

    300 words: $1.99
    400 words: $2.99
    500 words: $3.99

    Over 500 words is not practical. Show me an article over 500 words and I'll show
    you a whole lot of sentence stretching, nonsense statements, and general filler. My
    writers are not allowed to stretch a sentence to increase the word count.

    Minimum order is 10 articles.
    Payment is in advance (I've been burned), via Paypal.

    The discount for first time buyers has changed to 20% off.

    I proof read every article, so essentially, you are getting a native English writer.

    There is a sample here. It will not win any Best Essay contests, but it is
    unique and better than most that I've seen in the article directories:


    You can PM me or email me at:

    thank you,
    Bompa, May 12, 2010 IP