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ColdFusion 9 works different from Coldfusion 8 with the autosuggest option in form

Discussion in 'Programming' started by inspectorjay, Nov 4, 2010.

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    I was upgrading a website from CF 8 to CF 9 and i encountered a problem with autosuggest option in the form field. The problem is explained below

    in coldfusion 8 in one of the form field if we type either a number or alphabet it will suggest the rest of the entries from the Data base.But it since i have upgraded to COLDFUSION 9, the auto suggestion works only for numbers and its not working with alphabets. When i used firebug to investigate the problem,it seems like i am getting the response with the alphabets, but its not getting displayed.
    Below given is the code for the application

    <cfinput type="text" name="institution_name" maxResultsDisplayed ="30" autosuggest="cfc:#module.cfc#/#here#.getInstitutionList({ticket_category_code},'#user_login#',{cfautosuggestvalue})" size="50" value="#attributes.institution_name#">
    inspectorjay, Nov 4, 2010 IP