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Selling Club Uptime -- Xeon 3460 w/ HT, Quad 500GB HDD Raid 10, 12GB Ram, $249/month!

Discussion in 'Web Hosting' started by TrySparta, Jan 23, 2011.


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    Club Uptime has been around since 2005 and specializes in virtualized/dedicated hosting platforms. Club Uptime is a Softlayer Technologies Reseller that offers high quality hardware at a fraction of the cost of buying direct!

    Nearly all servers we resell come with RAID by default with prices starting at $249 for servers with RAID 10. All servers come with 5000GB (5TB) Bandwidth included!

    In addition to providing a high quality service at a discounted rate, we also provide basic server management with all servers with options for upgraded and advanced management packages.

    Not only have we been around for quite some time, but you can also find several recent positive reviews about our company! A few sourced from right here on Web Hosting Talk are listed below --


    Visit http://www.clubuptime.com/dedicated to see our standard range of Dedicated Servers. Contact us for a quote at any time on products not listed!

    Need a custom quote? We'll beat out the competition on nearly anything! Fill out our Quote Request Form and we'll be in touch shortly!

    --- Dedicated Server Launch Sale ---

    No Coupon Necessary! Simply follow the Order Now Links!

    --- Intel Xeon 3460 ---
    + Processor: Intel Xeon 3460 2.8GHz Processor with Hyper Threading
    + RAM: 12.0GB
    + Hard Drives: Four 500GB Western Digital RE3
    + Bandwidth: 5000GB
    + IP Addresses: 4
    + 4-6 Hour Setup Time!
    + Included Management: Basic Management
    + Included Monitoring: Basic Monitoring + SNMP Polling/Graphing

    Monthly Cost: $249/month! ORDER NOW!

    ---- 24/7/365 Technical Support ----
    Telephone, Live Chat, and Ticket based support is available 24/7/365 (Although telephone and live chat support is limited to the hours of 10am-8pm EST).

    ---- Sales / Support Questions ----
    You may feel free to email at any time or call us at 877-248-4401 with any questions/concerns you might have with regards to our services. Live Chat sales is available 7 days a week, 10am-8pm EST.

    ---- Frequently Asked Questions ----

    Q. Where are your servers located?[/b
    A. All of our servers are located in the Softlayer Datacenters. You can select the location, too -- Dallas, Washington D.C., or Seattle!

    Q. Can you provide test IP and file?

    Dallas (DAL05 Facility) --
    URL: http://dal05-demo.clubuptime.com
    10MB Test File: http://dal05-demo.clubuptime.com/10MB.zip
    100MB Test File: http://dal05-demo.clubuptime.com/100MB.zip

    Seattle (SEA01 Facility) --
    URL: http://sea-demo.clubuptime.com
    10MB Test File: http://sea01-demo.clubuptime.com/10MB.zip
    100MB Test File: http://sea01-demo.clubuptime.com/100MB.zip

    Washington D.C. --

    Unfortunately, we do not currently have a test file in WDC.
    Q. Are there any backups in place?
    A. Our Dedicated Server line does not come with backups included at this time. RSYNC/SCP/FTP Backup space is available at a low cost upon request, with prices starting at $5/month for 10GB Disk space, $12 for 25GB, $20 for 50GB, $35 for 100GB, $85 for 250GB.

    Q. Which OS distributions are available?


    - CentOS
    - Debian
    - Fedora
    - Gentoo
    - SUSE
    - Ubuntu Server
    - VMWare ESX 4
    - Citrix XenServer 5.5, 5.6, 5.6.1
    - Windows Server 2003
    - Windows Server 2008
    TrySparta, Jan 23, 2011 IP
  2. Alexabot

    Alexabot Peon

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    ok this is my review about CLUB UPTIME.

    I paid 40.30$ by 6 month in VPS level 2
    cost 10$ by month but I got a discount of 25%

    after a month issue start to appears and I see they do not
    have a part in the plans page who say "1 CORE BY CLIENT"
    that is the problem of my vps.. I got a gameserver for test
    I told Matthew about that and he told me is ok if do not get
    cpu hungry..

    well my app do not work propery with 1 core, but in any place say "1 CORE BY CLIENT" that tell me Andy in chat a restriction of CPU by 1 CORE by 2.93ghz

    Ok I used 1 month only (12/30/2010) since today (1/30/2011) .. normal price 10$ well he ask me a refund a 20$ only because I'm in the second month and server management and move to another node.. I say him is unmanagement and you move me to another node to see if fix my problem. when I open the console with putty I saw the speed is very slow.. he check it and told me I can only refund you 20$ take or not. you decide.. ok I claim about why only 20$ if I'm in the firts month.. he told me in he system I'm into the 2 month..

    I did not use. and he do not want give me the refund after discute the issue in the best way, I only want my app work.

    after close the chat maded by Andy.. I send a message tell him I want my refund. I better have a money back and run a bad vps company support.

    I hope this help. Please take care of the support of these company.
    Alexabot, Jan 30, 2011 IP