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Client onboarding process and problems - Google+, Youtube, Insta, Facebook

Discussion in 'Social Networks' started by Mike Bularz, Aug 3, 2018.

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    Hi guys,
    New to the forums, excited to be a member!
    I am having some social media management woes that maybe someone could help me with?
    What is your process of "onboarding" a client, i.e. getting access to their social media accounts? What should I look out for?
    Specifically, what do you do to help them add you as a "admin" or "editor" as well as transfer passwords, etc. for the most common social channels?
    I found there are a lot of problems that come up, including:
    -getting someone to add me to their google+, mybusiness, and youtube channels easily
    -getting access to a youtube account
    The biggest hurdle has been that many clients simply use personal profiles that don't allow multiple user roles like a business profile, and I can't log in to their google accounts with just passwords as they need to verify the identity with their personal cell phone, which is often a busy CEO, etc
    Any advice to streamline this process?? Am I to write out step-by-step instructions, do a remote session with them screen sharing and walking through, do I have to walk them through converting the personal profiles to business accounts with multiple roles?
    Thank you for any advice :D
    Mike B
    Mike Bularz, Aug 3, 2018 IP