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Clickbank Affiliates and Merchants -- Feedback please.

Discussion in 'ClickBank' started by mdyork, Apr 17, 2006.

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    I have been a clickbank affiliate for some time now.
    My only complaint/concern is the fact that almost all of the merchant landing pages have a link for people to become an affiliate.

    Have you ever wondered how many commissions you have lost because of this?
    It's great you can hide your affiliate link by using a redirect, but when YOUR customers gets to the merchants site, there it is, the 'sign up as an affiliate link'.

    I'll be honest, I have followed links from various websites and found the merchants site to be a clickbank merchant, saw the affiliate link, used my affiliate ID revisited the merchant, made a purchase and kept the commission myself.

    I've always wondered why the merchants didn't use a separate landing page for their affiliates.
    Do they want you to refer people for sales or refer affiliates?

    I just became a clickbank merchant.
    The first 'item' I am offering is a simple Reseller Package of programs I have actually used and found to be beneficial.

    Now, here's the interesting part:
    1. Landing Page that does NOT show the ?hop=aff
    2. Landing page does NOT have a link to affiliate sign-up
    (landing page is: http://yorkwebsitedevelopment.com)

    Try it yourself and see. Just put in your clickbank AFFILIATEID

    I am a programmer by trait and before I start offering several different items on clickbank I thought I would get some feedback on 'low key' sales pages and landing pages designed to protect my affiliates.

    You can post your feedback here, or simply email me at support@yorkwebsitedevelopment.com

    Merchants, here’s some code to protect downloads.
    mdyork, Apr 17, 2006 IP
  2. fryman

    fryman Kiss my rep

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    I have also used my ID to buy stuff, but you really don't need to worry, only like 1% of the visitors have any idea that you can do that.
    fryman, Apr 17, 2006 IP
  3. bloodwrath

    bloodwrath Active Member

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    Ya and the 1% is other clickbank members...
    Im sure they could remove the link.. but why do they care a sale is a sale, we care as we loose our commisions.
    bloodwrath, Apr 30, 2006 IP
  4. los123

    los123 Peon

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    If the seller wants their affils to work hard for them they will program their site to remove any affil links when a visitor comes in from an affiliate.
    IMO, that's the way you get your affils to want to sell your product. Let them know that you want them to benefit as much as possible from the traffic they send.
    The sellers who do this are going to have the most affiliate referals.
    los123, May 4, 2006 IP