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clarity for a novice please

Discussion in 'Google AdWords' started by johneebee, Feb 13, 2017.

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    I run a small company which offers a service to the elderly. We provide specifically a person to 'live in' with the elderly person to support their daily living.

    A while ago I began using google and bing adwords and like so many others, I found lots of money going out with negligible ROI. The guy who set up the campaign for me was google certified although not an English native. I am unsure how exactly the campaign was set up probably phrase and broad match keywords. After parting with quite a chunk of money, I decided to manage the campaign myself using only exact keyword settings. The reason for using exact is that our services has very narrow service parameters. Its exclusively, and solely a requirement for the person to live in with the elderly person. My thinking is that other than:- live in carer, live-in carer, live in carers, live-in carers, live in care, domiciliary care, carer to live in, there aren't many other keyword's which hit the target.

    My point is that without the vital word 'live in', any other words relating to elderly care are non relevant. Or at best highly risky! If I went back to phrase match can I go far wrong
    I am wondering if we are doing it right, or is there possibly a trick I am missing here? I realise there are plenty of paid experts out there who I could approach but my experiences with them are more about them earning money from me, than helping me to earn money.


    johneebee, Feb 13, 2017 IP
  2. Fer0

    Fer0 Active Member

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    You should use broad modified. That way you can weed out keywords that don`t bring any value to the table.
    Fer0, Feb 13, 2017 IP
  3. VictMarketing

    VictMarketing Peon

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    exact match is too narrow, you will miss a lot of inquiries, for instance "live in carer city/area", remove unwanted searches with negative keywords
    Victorious Marketing
    VictMarketing, Mar 6, 2017 IP