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ckEditor Custom Color Tooltips

Discussion in 'Programming' started by 137th Gebirg, May 9, 2018.

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    Hello all - quick question about customizing ckEditor - Is there a way either turn off the little tooltip pop-up's over the color boxes in the text color selector (using a customized color list), or display the actual color names? In FireFox they don't seem to show up at all, which is fine, but in IE, the tooltips appear when you hover over the color boxes and they show the assigned octet. For example, "000000" appears for black, "ff0000" for red, etc. I assign a custom color list using "config.colorButton_colors". I've seen some examples where the labels are assigned along with the colors like this:
    config.colorButton_colors = 'Orange/FF9900,Blue/0066CC,Red/F00';
    Code (markup):
    which sadly doesn't work either. I've tried experimenting with the "config.colorButton_foreStyle" setting, but depending on how I write it, it either does nothing or sets the whole toolbar into some weird default mode. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks very much!
    137th Gebirg, May 9, 2018 IP