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Christmas Offer - Get a New Website with CMS at Just $100

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by E-Munkey, Dec 15, 2011.

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    Get a new website along with CMS (content management system) at just $100. In this new website you get:

    1. A custom design
    2. 5 pages website
    3. CMS integrated with website, using which you can:
    - Add/delete/update content
    - Add/delete/update images
    - Add/delete/update videos
    4. A jquery banner at the top of the page, with moving images. This is also editable.
    5. Integrated Google maps.

    This service is post-paid. We charge only on delivery.

    Benefits of CMS:
    • No need to hire a web developer to make frequent changes to the website.
    • Updating your website's content will help you rank higher on Google, do it on your own as its user friendly.
    • You can make paragraphs, change the font and its size or even its colour to highlight important terms on your pages.
    • New website also gives your website the added functionality of keeping your sitemap updated whenever you add a new page.

    If you are interested,
    please write me at yashika at custom-cms-websites dot com
    E-Munkey, Dec 15, 2011 IP
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    awesome offer.. all the best!
    Go4Promotion, Dec 21, 2011 IP