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Choosing http or https during manual installation of WordPress and database

Discussion in 'Content Management' started by theforamyst, Nov 10, 2018.

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    When you manually install WordPress, somewhere during the process it asks you to select weather your site uses http or https. Why is this? What does it matter? How will your choice translate to changes/a different use of eg your database?
    Bc when I installed WP I chose http bc at that time I didn't had an SSL yet. Then I created a few pages, posts and categories. The URLs of these started w/ http.
    Then a while later I installed SSL certificate on that domain name and since then pages, posts and categories I created, their URLs, started w/ https. Can't remember if I also had changed http to https in WP Dashboard's settings then.
    Is all that choice for http or https (during installation of WP) does, is determinning weather or not to place http or https infront of the URLs of pages, posts and categories you will since then create?
    Then where does WP store these URLs (are they called 'links' BTW)? In the database? In which table(s)? How does this work?
    theforamyst, Nov 10, 2018 IP
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    tery1992, Nov 16, 2018 IP