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Choosing an ebook ..

Discussion in 'Drupal' started by Toon-c, Sep 13, 2009.

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    Toon-c, Sep 13, 2009 IP
  2. bnandika

    bnandika Active Member

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    I don't know about those books, but I've bought 3 Drupal books from Packt Publishing, they're very useful and easy to understand.
    bnandika, Sep 13, 2009 IP
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  3. JamesColin

    JamesColin Prominent Member

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    Don't know which one to advice you as I've read none. I never read a book about drupal, but I don't feel you need any book in order to build a community site since drupal is indeed multi user per default.
    As for some customization of user profile, you can find great handbook pages on drupal.org detailling how to create advanced user profiles.

    But judging only by the titles, I'd say the second one is better suited because it has the word community in it, but the first one has social network which implies a community.
    I'm not sure... :)
    Buy any one of them (e.g. the first one) and if after reading it you think you'd still benefit from another book on the topic, then get the second one or the Drupal7 edition of the second one :)
    JamesColin, Sep 13, 2009 IP
  4. Toon-c

    Toon-c Well-Known Member

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    Thank you for answering ..
    I was advised in a drupal group to use the first one ..

    Anyway, I bought the two of them and I'll start reading the first .. after that I read the second one because it's a case study for drupalfun.com ..

    Visit drupalfun.com ; it's exactly what the second book can do ..

    Rep+ for answering .. thanks ..
    Toon-c, Sep 14, 2009 IP