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Choosing an auction script to start

Discussion in 'Scripts' started by en1gm4, Dec 10, 2012.

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    I am setting up an auction site and have chosen phpprobid (www.phpprobid.com) as the script. I know that no auction script is perfect, so I wanted to just go with something usable and then spend more time and money on a better site if the concept kicks off. However, part of the software is encrypted and I'm not sure I understand the implications. The below two files are encrypted. Would you know if this would be a problem if I need to build the site from scratch again (but be able to migrate users/auctions etc.)?

    /includes/init.php ? Software activation
    /includes/functions_security.php ? SQL sanitization and related security functions

    I'm not a programmer so plain english would really be appreciated!

    en1gm4, Dec 10, 2012 IP